12 of the Best Eyelash Growth Serums for Healthy Lashes

12 of the Best Eyelash Growth Serums for Healthy Lashes12 of the Best Eyelash Growth Serums for Healthy Lashes.

Thick, fluttery, and mile-long lashes are a universal symbol of beauty, and we all want to have them. If you haven’t already been blessed with luscious lashes, there are a bunch of ways you can accelerate their growth and achieve the lashes of your dreams. Investing in an eyelash serum is one such way.

This wonder product is enriched with fatty acids and conditioning peptides that give your lashes a real boost. In this article, we have reviewed 12 of the best eyelash growth serums on the market that will make your lashes fuller and longer.

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12 Best Eyelash Growth Serums That You Need To Try.

1. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum.


Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum is formulated to give you longer and thicker lashes while conditioning and nourishing them. It contains glycerin, panthenol, caffeine, and arginine along with biotin and hydrolyzed keratin. If your lashes need a significant boost without the help of mascara and falsies, this serum from Rimmel does a great job of encouraging hair growth. Use it twice a day for best results.

Lightweight Easy to apply Suitable for sensitive eyes Affordable.

The complete list of ingredients is not mentioned anywhere.

2. RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner.


Revitalash helps you achieve fuller, longer, and thicker lashes in 3 to 10 weeks. Its two primary ingredients are trifluoromethyl dechloro ethylprostenolamide, a prostaglandin derivative that mimics the actions of hormones to encourage eyelash growth, and chlorphenesin, a muscle relaxant. It also contains ingredients like panthenol (a humectant that moisturizes your lashes) and citric acid (which is not only a preservative but also helps strengthen your eyelashes).

Works on both eyelashes and brows A percentage of its sales are donated to breast cancer research 90-day money back guarantee.


3. Rapidlash Eyelash Enhancing Serum.


RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum is one of the most effective eyelash serums on the market. Its formula contains a derivative of prostaglandin, which is a drug used to treat glaucoma. It helps in promoting eyelash growth in a short period. While its results are amazing, its formula contains certain questionable ingredients, such as phenoxyethanol and chlorphenesin, both of which are known eye irritants. If you face any issues or significant side effects after using this serum, we recommend you stop using it immediately.

Easy to use Clinically and ophthalmologist-tested Works on both lashes and brows 60-day money back guarantee.

May cause redness if you have extremely sensitive eyes.

4. Rodan And Fields Eyelash Serum.


Rodan And Fields Eyelash Serum features a unique proprietary formula that improves lash volume and length. You need to use this serum for at least 8 weeks to see noticeable results. Apply it every night along your upper lash line and continue to use it after desired results are achieved to maintain your lashes.

Effective results Easy to use Long-lasting Good packaging.

Expensive May cause side effects because it contains Isopropyl Cloprostenate, which is a medication used to treat eye conditions like glaucoma.

5. GrandeLash Serum.


GrandeLash Serum encourages longer and thicker eyelash growth while repairing and restoring the condition of your brows and lashes. This serum is made from natural ingredients and can also be worn with makeup. You need to apply this serum just the way you apply liquid eyeliner. If you are under 30, apply it once a day, and if you are over 30, use it twice daily.

All-natural ingredients Clinical evidence provided Paraben-free 90-day money back guarantee.

Not safe for pregnant women and for those undergoing chemotherapy.

6. Etude House My Lash Serum.


This lash serum from the Korean brand Etude House is enriched with vitamins, panthenol, and dogwood berry extracts for a noticeably fuller lash line. It comes in the cutest tube with an applicator that reaches the smallest of lashes and applies the product without causing any mess. At its low price point, this serum is definitely worth a shot to achieve the lashes of your dreams.

Nourishing and conditioning formula Safe for sensitive eyes Perfect applicator brush Strengthens eyelashes.

Only available online.

7. L’Oreal Lash Serum.


The L’Oreal lash serum helps promote full, strong, and healthy lashes. It contains nourishing castor oil, conditioning pro-vitamins, strengthening keratin, hyaluronic acid, and madecasside to protect your lashes and filloxane to boost volume. For best results, apply this serum twice a day at the root of your lashes.

Budget-friendly Easy to apply Safe for sensitive eyes Sleek packaging.

8. Younique Lash Serum.


This lash serum does not promise to make your lashes longer, but it does add a whole ton of volume to them. The newfound fullness and thickness make your lashes look longer. Its formula is enriched with conditioning oils, strengthening keratin, and nourishing peptides. For best results, use this serum twice daily.

Moisturizes eyelashes Protects lashes from breakage and brittleness Contains 3 amino acid peptides Value for money.

9. Shiseido Full Lash Serum.


This serum from Shiseido prevents your lashes and brows from looking sparse, thin, and short. It gets absorbed easily at the roots and leaves your lashes feeling conditioned. Its active ingredient, arginine, is known to help restore the appearance of hair in your brows and lashes. Its unique flocked-tip applicator is easy to use and comfortably reaches the smallest of areas for an even application.

Packed with powerful and hydrating ingredients Conditions lashes Easy to use Can be used on brows.


10. Boots No7 Fanomenal Lash Serum.


The No7 Fanomenal Lash Serum contains hydrolyzed keratin and panthenol. Both of these ingredients are known to boost and accelerate hair growth. Apply this serum to cleansed eyelids once a day and expect noticeable results within 8 weeks of regular usage. However, its shoddy applicator makes using it quite a task.

Works on both lashes and brows Contains peptides and moisturizing and conditioning compounds Affordable.

The brand does not disclose the full ingredient list.

11. Lancer Lash Serum.


If you are looking for a lash serum that is packed with wholesome ingredients to improve skin and hair health, you will love Lancer Lash Serum. Its formula is free of harmful parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. Its conditioning formula utilizes a combination of essential fatty acids, the zinc found in pumpkin seed extract, and the moisture of glycosaminoglycans to make your eyelashes more lustrous and glossier.

Ophthalmologist-tested Safe for contact lens-wearers Ideal for broken, brittle lashes.


12. Organys Lash Serum.


Organys Lash Serum is an all-natural formula that is free of harmful parabens that may irritate your eyes. It needs to be applied twice a day. It is not intended to give you a permanent solution for thin or brittle lashes. It is more of a “food product” that will help you maintain your lashes on a daily basis.

Natural formula Easy to use Ideal for sensitive eyes.

One major trick to growing your lashes and maintaining them is sneaking in some beauty treatments while you rest. Eyelashes, like any other body part, require vitamins and nutrients to grow and remain healthy. Adding foods or supplements with iron, biotin, and folic acid to your diet will also promote healthy eyelash growth.

Finally, consistency is key – use your lash serum regularly, and you will end up with naturally gorgeous lashes in no time.

That was our round-up of the best eyelash growth serums out there. Have you tried any of these serums? Which one are you looking forward to trying? Let us know in the comments section below.