12 Ways to Get Better Lashes, From Lash Growth Serums to Easy Diet Tweaks

12 Ways to Get Better Lashes, From Lash Growth Serums to Easy Diet Tweaks12 Ways to Get Better Lashes, From Lash Growth Serums to Easy Diet Tweaks.

There is rarely a time or a place or a look that doesn’t call for longer and fuller eyelashes. But what to do if you don’t want to resort to false extensions? According to Los Angeles–based dermatologist Harold Lancer, M.D., there are a number of ways to enhance your set safely and out of the comfort of your own home, from easy dietary tweaks to eyelash growth serums.

Just like your skin and nails, your eyelashes are directly affected by what you eat. Besides bettering your overall health, a diet rich in protein may help grow your lashes, as well as foods containing biotin (eggs), niacin (mushrooms), vitamin C, vitamin E and calcium. Another option? A mascara detox. Lancer urges patients to take a two-day “lash vacation” each week. “For 48 hours, avoid liner and mascara,” he says. The break from eye makeup will help strengthen and revive your eyelashes.

In addition to putting down the tools, it’s key to cleanse your eyes daily. Take a gentle approach to removing makeup around your eyes, for vigorous or harsh rubbing can cause your lashes’ delicate fibers to break. Rather than employing makeup wipes or fiber-rich cotton pads that could irritate eyes, “try a baby shampoo,” Lancer says. The multi-tasking formula is extra sensitive and when lightly dabbed on, doubles as an effective cleanser. After all, as Lancer and surely every model, mother, and makeup artist before him will tell you, leaving mascara on overnight is a hard no. The act will dry out your lashes and can cause them to fall out prematurely.

After cleansing, it’s important to hydrate your lashes. One tried-and-true method is applying castor oil. Thanks to its high concentration of ricinoleic acid and vitamin E, as well as Omega-6 and Omega-9 fats, lubricant has long been thought to aid in hair and eyelash growth. Olive oil, emu oil and coconut oil are also commonly cited as good DIY methods for how to get longer lashes. To apply any of these options, soak a Q-tip in the oil and carefully apply it to your lash line and leave it for at least fifteen minutes if not overnight. At the very least you’ll wake up feeling deeply hydrated. “The more hydrated the area, the less likely the hairs are to split and fracture,” says Lancer.