Almea xlash Eyelash Serum for eyelash growth

Almea xlash Eyelash Serum for eyelash growthAlmea xlash Eyelash Serum for eyelash growth. The result after 4 months of use – review.

In the network walks so many conflicting reviews and opinions on this product that around the head. Having read kosmetische laudatory reviews about this serum, I immediately wanted to get it. I once believed in the “miracle” that everyone wrote, and therefore had no doubt that it will happen to me!

Only after receiving the coveted parcels of Almea xlash serum, I decided to read the negative reviews. Oh! It was then that I began to doubt that I need it. Now, you know how intimidating that will fall off after the first use not only the lashes but the eye 🙂 a Little poumnevshie, I decided to conduct this experiment on myself and started to use!

Serum: clear liquid with no odor. All! Well, as it is to describe? Apply a thin brush along the lash line. The tube 3 ml., silver in color with blue lettering Brush.

Apply the serum you need a thin layer along the line growth upper lashes. The first time it should be done right before sleep, not to sit and wait for the tingling effect\scratching and all. Having read horror, I looked at your eyes under a magnifying glass. Everyone was waiting for the redness and by the way, found them, although they were there before, but I just didn’t notice. Well, the old photos I am reassured and comforted. Could I stop and breathe? No! I waited for the scratching\tingling and I even thought that the actual eyelid at the inner corner of eyes itchy. “Nightmare-nightmare” thought I forgot about that and was that before going to sleep I have itched the eyes. Ie any discomfort I attributed to the serum and after a few days I decided to stop using it. After that, I immediately contacted the representative of the brand, complaining of discomfort from use. She advised me to continue using, but right before bedtime, not to wait for any sensations. I listened and began to do everything according to her advice. After a few days I caught myself thinking that any discomfort I from serum not experienced and most likely, those are not pleasant feelings I myself “invented”. For more than 4 months I use the serum and no Allergy was observed. What else in this case to think? The result in the form of long and lush lashes appeared about 3 months of use, until it was virtually unnoticeable. But, a month after the start of use I have fallen off a few lashes, creating a “gap”. It was not pleasant, but a week later he dragged the new eyelashes. After 2 months of using the serum, I noticed, as I started to get new lashes, more like crooked sticks. These “beginners” were sticking up in different directions, and one of them stubbornly grow downwards (the horror, the horror). By the third month of using these “freaks” stretched and even have a little bend up, although some still growing in the wrong direction. The ideal result is lashes made up of 3.5 months of use. Steel long, furry, curved and more black. I have not stopped using and are not going to do that. I don’t want all my long eyelashes fell and left my old Shorty. I think that I will continue to use.

After 3 months of use:

After 4 months of use:

The difference between 1 and 3 months: The difference between 3 and 4 months:

My lashes with mascara “To” start using: тут с Chanel Le volume тут с Clinique Hight Impact.

My lashes with mascara after 4 months after using: here with Trish McEvoy Curling in 1 layer.

My lashes today, after 4.5 months:

The difference between 0 and 4 months: The difference between “0” and 4.5 months:

The result: A great tool for those who want to make their eyelashes longer and more elaborate (temporarily). The effect won’t stay forever, it will need to support the tool. The LP procedure, since the result does not appear immediately, but after a few months. Quite a bargain purchase, as a 3 ml tube will last for a long time (say 6-8 months enough). Economical tool to use it daily only need the first 2 month and then reduce use to 1-2 times a week. Anyone not going to advise, but also to dissuade and to intimidate will never! I am very pleased that we achieved such a result. I never imagined that my lashes could look so luxurious!

Price: 1800 RUB Rating: 5+ Period of use: 4.5 months.