Are Eyelash Extensions for Me? Pros and Cons

Are Eyelash Extensions for Me? Pros and ConsAre Eyelash Extensions for Me? Pros and Cons.

The eyes have it- and always did. They are the focal point of the face, the window to the soul, the feature people remember most, and the one area women will spend the most time and effort on in their beauty routine. It’s no wonder then that the latest beauty craze for eyes- eyelash extensions- has become such a hit. Who wouldn’t want long, lush lashes without all the fuss and bother of mascara, removers, lash curlers, etc.? Hey, sign me up!

Well, maybe not so fast…with all fads, it’s best to do research first. Let’s find out if it’s worth it, safe, and convenient. Here are some Q&A’s regarding this eye-deal new process:

 Are eyelash extensions safe? Yes! Extensions require no waxing or plucking; medical grade, formaldehyde-free adhesives are used to just adhere eyelash extensions (polyester-based fiber thread materials) to your own lashes. They are applied to your natural eyelashes; you can sport various looks from lush to dramatic, depending on your own personal taste.

 What’s the procedure like?

It’s a delicate task, performed by a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. It takes time, maybe 2-3 hours, since the eyelashes (30-80 each eye) are applied by hand. Some people only get the upper lashes done. You need to keep your eyes closed the whole time so the technician can apply fibers directly to the base of your eyelashes on your eyelid.

 How long do they last? Normal natural eyelashes fall out every 60-90 days and new lashes grow immediately; the extensions will need touch-ups every 2-3 weeks to fill in the fallen lashes. With routine touch-ups, the extensions can last 1 to 3 months, and then the procedure will have to be done over again.

 How will they feel on my eyes? Wearers said they felt natural and loved having them. The only negative experiences were from those with sensitive skin or allergies that had some irritation, itching or a burning sensation from the adhesive. Check first with your doctor if you’ve had reactions to products before.

 Are eyelash extensions expensive? Can I choose from different types? They vary by brand, area, and salon. Most range from $100 up to $400. You can choose different lengths, and different colors, from basic brown and black, to funky greens, purple, gold, or even glitter, gem-tipped or other fancy embellishments like feathers. Movie stars often wear mink lashes.

 What can I do about wearing makeup, and will water affect them? You can wear water-based mascara and other water-based eye makeup if you choose. You can swim, shower, and use a spa with your extensions. However, avoid all these things in the first 48 hours. And don’t pull on them or use an eyelash curler.

So, there you have it! Ready now to “lash out” and join the red carpet crowd of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez who all helped boost this eye-defining trend? If you’re not ready for a daily starring role in the celebrity beauty world craze, at least try it for a special event. It just might make you a superstar at a wedding, prom, reunion, or any big night on the town. At least, you’ll feel like one. Give it a try!

Have you tried eyelash extensions? Did you like them? Let us know your experiences, good or bad, and what advice you can pass along. Thanks!