Best Eyelash Growth Serums That Work: Reviews; Guide (2020)

Best Eyelash Growth Serums That Work: Reviews; Guide (2020)Best Eyelash Growth Serums That Work: Reviews & Guide (2020)

A real woman is capable of driving men crazy with a single glance. A slight inclination of the head, a half-smile, and a waving of long eyelashes … Only long and thick eyelashes can accentuate the bewitching and full of depth look of a woman.

Why do Eyelashes Fall out and Grow Poorly? Useful Tips for Keeping Eyelashes Healthy Means for the Eyelashes Growth Improving Eyelashes Growth Serums FAQ Top Eyelash Growth Serums.

They visually increase the eyes, which in the present is considered an integral standard of beauty. And what should do those girls who have not been endowed by nature with eyelashes, like the wings of butterflies? Do not despair and complain about fate, to cope with this problem will help the eyelash growth serums .

Why do Eyelashes Fall out and Grow Poorly?

Before to begin the process of strengthening and healing eyelashes, first of all, you should find out why they have become brittle, rare, and short.

It should be said that two or three dropped cilia per day are not a cause for concern, but a normal phenomenon, as a result of which a natural renewal occurs. But if their number exceeds five or six, it is necessary to identify and think about and the reason.

The most typical causes of eyelashes being bad are:

Incorrect unbalanced nutrition Taking antibiotics and other medications Diseases of internal organs (for example, thyroid gland) Seasonal lack of vitamins (winter and spring) Allergic reactions to cosmetics and makeup remover Stressful situations and neuroses Chemical effects (build-up, curling, and painting) Inflammatory processes on the eyelids.

Useful Tips for Keeping Eyelashes Healthy.

Weakened and brittle hairs will not grow better, no matter what means you use. Therefore, you need to keep to a few rules that will help lengthen the eyelashes:

Always wash off mascara for the night. Frankly speaking, it’s better to do that just after returning home. Massage the eyelids to improve the blood circulation but without fanaticism, so as not to stretch the delicate skin. Change the mascara once every three months to prevent bacteria from entering your eyes and inflammation to begin. Do not sleep on your stomach: when you touch the pillow, eyelashes can become deformed, which will make them weak and brittle.

Means for the Eyelashes Growth Improving.

What are the eyelash growth products ? Let’s figure it out.

Serums for eyelashes.

Cosmetic eyelash serums usually include amino acids, oils, extracts from medicinal plants, biopeptides, polymers, vitamins, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid.

These components allow you to restore the damaged structure of the eyelashes, slow the aging of cells, give shine and smoothness to the hairs, and protect them from the negative influence of the environment, in particular, from the abundance of decorative cosmetics.

Serums based on bimatoprost and its analogs.

This is the most controversial item in the collection. Bimatoprost is used as a cure for increased eye pressure. The growth of eyelashes is a side effect, which has been actively used in cosmetology. This substance stimulates the blood circulation in hair follicles.

Due to this, the growth of the eyelashes does not stop when they reach the length inherent by nature.

Gels for eyelashes.

Healing gels for the growth and strengthening of eyelashes are used before or instead of the traditional lash mascara. In the first case, they perform a protective function. Mascara, especially waterproof, can dry eyelashes. The gel not only creates a protective barrier but also nourishes the hairs during the day.

Using this means instead of the liquid mascara will allow twisting and fixing the eyelashes, to make their natural color more saturated – all without side effects. The composition of the gel, as a rule, is a lightweight version of the mascara with the addition of extracts of herbs, ceramides, and other hair-strengthening ingredients.

Previous means were for external use, vitamins should be taken orally. For the growth of eyelashes will be suitable any complex that contains:

Vitamins of group B stimulate the activity of hair follicles Vitamin E improves the microcirculation of oxygen in the vessels, improves the flow of blood to the hair bulbs Vitamin A restores the elasticity of the hairs.

Eyelashes Growth Serums FAQ.

#1 When to wait for the result?

If you decide to use any of the lash growth products listed below, do not forget: eyelashes, like hair, are already a “dead” tissue. Each cilium grows 2-3 weeks, then after a month and a half, it falls out.

Therefore, to expect that the state of eyelashes will improve after a couple of days is irrational. It will take at least 2 weeks to notice the first results: when new, healthier eyelashes will grow up.

#2 Why do the eyelashes fall even more?

Often happens, that at the beginning of application of the means eyelashes begin to shed even more. This happens due to the fact that the means for the eyelash growth stimulates the maturation of the bulbs, the “roots”.

And all the hair on our body, including the eyelashes, is arranged so that as soon as the bulb is ready to release a new hair, the old one, being at rest, is torn away.

Therefore, if the increased loss of eyelashes at the beginning of the use of a new eyelash enhancing serum is not accompanied by signs of inflammation of the eyelid (redness, swelling), you can continue using it and know that the lash growth serum works.

What means are the most effective?

On the pharmacological and cosmetic market, you will meet many varieties: whey, oils, gels, stimulants, and etc. Each product has features from which to choose.

Oils are the most traditional means used from time immemorial. Successfully proven oils (peach, castor, almond, burdock, and etc.) do work if applied for 20-30 minutes three times a week for a month. Lash serums are an analog of a home mix of plant extracts, oils, and vitamins, placed in a convenient package and supplemented with a brush for application. Stimulants are directed primarily at the awakening of sleeping hairs, markedly restore and strengthen the injured eyelashes. Gels can be used before or in place of mascara, they are famous for their excellent healing effect, make the natural shade of eyelashes more vivid, protect and nourish the cilia during the day.

We represent the TOP eyelash growth serum that works, which can help not only to repair the damaged ones but also to grow thick and long eyelashes to those whom nature has not so generously endowed. In the distribution of nominations in the rating were taken into account:

characteristics (a composition, a form of release, a method of application, and etc.) of goods; the ratio of the price of the products to their effectiveness; customer’s eyelash serum reviews ; recommendations of experts (ophthalmologists, dermatologists, cosmetologists, and etc.)

Top Eyelash Growth Serums.

#1 Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner.

It is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and clinically tested. Eyelash Conditioner from Revitalash saturates the lashes with moisture, keeping them soft, luxurious and healthy-looking. If you aren’t convinced yet check the revitalash advanced eyelash conditioner reviews.

Prevents breakage and brittleness Saturates the lashes with moisture Is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and clinically tested.

Can have a pretty high price.