Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara #01 Black – review

Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara #01 Black - reviewClinique High Impact Curling Mascara #01 Black – review.

Hello, girls! Today my post is about mascara, which for a hundred years is not new. Besides reviews on it fully, and not very flattering. Why I bought it. The answer is simple: I needed some mascara in a fantastic trip with excellent durability and at the same time that washed off “stockings”. And only mascara Clinique High Impact Curling was readily available and kind of in charge stated criteria.

Mascara is a simple case: the case is made of chromed plastic, and the lid under the metal: And here is the brush, because of her, I gave preference to this mascara is Clinique. Only with the curved brush shape I have the most beautiful curl of your lashes. Besides, it is convenient to create a basal volume and lengthen every eyelash. This mascara is available in two shades: black and brown. I chose 01 Black — classic black matte: The consistency of the mascara is average. When applying mascara to the lashes quickly grasped, so to avoid “spider legs” the second coat is best applied after a couple of minutes. I love how the effect gives the heroine a post on my eyelashes – she beautifully shares, significantly lengthens and locks the bend. The volume is modest, but still there. For socks mascara on the eyes is not felt, the lashes are light and springy to the touch. Mascara is not showered, not smeared, holding on to make-up remover in its original form — tested in thirty-degree heat and in the cold Siberian climate with the piercing wind, which I immediately poured on the waterworks. Rinse with warm water “stockings”, does not require special tools for removing eye make-up. And all would be well and good: and handy brush, and remarkable durability, and ease of removal without tools, and the effect on the eyelashes, which is so pleasing to the eye. But with this mascara is disgusting limiter , I have the feeling that it is not really. I used a mascara for two weeks and could not get enough, and then started. I Get the brush, and there, mother dear, as if half of the total amount of mascara on it. Had to remove the excess, paint the eyelashes as possible, to see sticky “stick”, to comb, to separate — and this is all time and frustration. The most hurtful thing that the ink was cool, they would modify the time with the limiter and it’s in the bag, and I use and swear. In General, look.

Eyes without mascara: Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara, two thin coats of mascara — painted only the top lashes: added mascara to the bottom lashes:

I think this mascara definitely brightens my eyelashes. And even despite the bad limiter, I use it almost every day. Take Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara, the eyebrow brush, do not laugh, a toothpick, include calming music and navozhu beauty to eyelashes.

Rating: 4, well, not raised my hand to put below, because the mascara I really liked.