Every Type of Mascara Wand, Explained

Every Type of Mascara Wand, ExplainedEvery Type of Mascara Wand, Explained.

Today in “why life’s not fair”: Little kids always seem to have incredible eyelashes. Meanwhile, the rest of us are furiously coating on five layers of mascara to look like our lashes even exist. But the trouble is that not all mascara wands are created equal, and if you pick the wrong one, all your efforts are usually for naught. Here’s a rundown of what each one does so you can choose the wand that will give you the luscious lashes of a newborn baby.

Full Wands.

Best for: Volume Why: A bigger wand means more product and more product means out-of-this-world volume. With each swipe, the majority of the mascara will get deposited at the base of your lashes, building girth with every coat.

Skinny Wands.

Best for: Lengthening Why: Its thin silhouette grabs lashes right at their base, and because it coats each lash evenly from the very bottom to the very tip, they end up looking naturally longer. Stamp the wand at your lash line to deposit a bit of mascara for a super-quick tightline.

Curved Wands.

Best for: Curling Why: The arc hugs the natural shape of your lashes to help coax them upward. Make sure to wiggle the wand mid-stroke to hit every lash.

Tapered Wands.

Best for: Volume and definition Why: The brush holds most of its volume at the base, but thins out toward the top, which is ideal for plumping and separating each individual hair. The cone-shaped tip makes it easy to coat bottom lashes, too.

Ball-Tipped Wands.

Best for: Definition Why: The spiked sphere on the end means you can spend time detailing individual lashes for a totally custom look. Hit every point (teeny-tiny inner lashes, bottom lashes and longer outer lashes) better than conventional one-swipe mascaras.

Hourglass Wands.

Best for: Eye opening Why: The U-shaped brush reaches the outer corners of lashes, pulling them up and out with each swipe. You’ll get tons of volume and definition at the outer edges for a bright-eyed look.

Corkscrew Wands.

Best for: Lifting lashes Why: It hits your lashes at three different points with every stroke. Wiggle it side to side from base to tip to ensure total coverage, and then hit the backside of lashes for even more lift.

Comb Wands.

Best for: Thickening Why: Much like a comb for your hair, it grabs every little lash, separates and coats with minimal clumping. So if your lashes are barely there to begin with, this wand will make them look more filled out.