Eyelash extension (mink): pros and cons, reviews

Eyelash extension (mink): pros and cons, reviewsEyelash extension (mink): pros and cons, reviews. Eyelash extension studio.

Girls have always tried to look better, soresorted to various tricks. Today, there are a lot of procedures that help to transform the appearance, one of which is the eyelash extension. This is especially popular among women with short or thin cilia. Deciding to acquire a luxurious look, you need to know which eyelashes are better.

An experienced master who will performThe procedure, of course, due to its experience, will immediately note which type of build-up and what materials will be required. But if you want to rely on your knowledge or just learn more about the process, you need to learn all the information from and to.

How to choose an eyelash extension: mink, sable, silk?

Eyelashes to animal fur have norelations, they are made of hypoallergenic synthetic material, which is externally virtually indistinguishable from natural cilia. Mink, sable and silk are just names that define a different thickness of hairs.

In another name are Mink-eyelashes,characterized by thin hairs 0.07-0.01 mm, which have flexibility and softness, which provides increased comfort when worn. With their use, classical eyelash extensions work well, the mink has a glossy luster. To achieve a natural effect of neat cilia – this is the best option.

Silk eyelashes have a thickness of 0.1-0.15 mm.Hairs are so called, because they are characterized by the lightness and brilliance that are inherent in silk. Eyelashes slightly stiffer and thicker than the mink, this helps to achieve the effect of painted eyes. If you want dense bright black eyelashes, then you need to use this option.

The thickness of the hairs is the largest – 0.2 mm, thisallows you to make chic and thick eyelashes. But there is one nuance – because of this size will be considerable weight, so you can build up only for strong and healthy natural eyelashes. Sable is not exactly suitable for permanent wearing, it’s best to use it for important activities, for a daily build up it is wiser to choose lighter eyelashes, mink or silk in this case will be an alternative.

The most popular building in modern timesis just a mink, thanks to the peculiarities of the hairs. But it is important not only to choose the material, but also to determine the method of building up, which is an important condition in the creation of a beautiful view.

Types of eyelash extensions.


The bundles are glued at the baseCilia up to 6 pieces and are suitable for short-term wearing. The advantage of such an increase is the democratic cost and the possibility of independent execution of the procedure without the help of a specialist. Bunches are attached to the skin of the eyelid with the help of glue. If you glue your eyelashes on your own, then build-up can be worn for not more than a week, because you can cause damage to your eyelashes. Bunches have a lot of weight for fixing to one cilium, and several can not be glued, this will interfere with their growth. A significant disadvantage of this buildup is the moment that when the beam disappears, there remains a visible empty space. Therefore, it is better to use the beams for a short time. The studio for eyelash extensions offers such an extension for weddings, graduation and other festive events.

With a piece-by-piece extension to each of its ciliaone or more artificial hairs are attached. This method is great for long wearing, because the cilia are separated, they can be combed, and this does not interfere with growth. The term of socks depends on the quality of materials and lifestyle, mostly 2-4 weeks. It is very natural to look at eyelash extensions, mink if used.

The most optimal option is a piecethe buildup of mink eyelashes, it will not only look great at any time of the day, but will not bring any discomfort to the owner, and the cilia will remain healthy.

How long does the procedure take?

Many people are interested in how much the buildup takeseyelashes. This question is difficult to answer unequivocally. Each master spends a different amount of time creating an image, more experienced ones can build up an hour in an hour, others need about three hours.

Bends of hairs.

If you chose eyelash extensions, the mink will be used as a material, then you also need to decide on the bending of the hairs, there are several varieties:

J – practically straight eyelashes, weak curl, is used, as a rule, for building up on separate sites of eyes. B – suitable for creating a natural effect, light curl of hairs. C – the most popular medium bend, creates the effect of an open eye. D – suitable for important activities, creates the effect of long eyelashes.

Pros and cons of eyelash extension.

aesthetic appearance; no need for make-up and make-up procedures; saving time on work / study / party fees; correction of eye and eye defects; absence of contraindications.

when wearing contact lenses, the life of cilia is shortened as a result of constant removal / putting on and affecting of hairs; difficulty in washing, since rubbing cilia can not be; lovers of sleep “face in the pillow” will have to forget about this, since the hairs can not stand and lose their original appearance; It is necessary to exclude creams and tonics on the basis of oils, they exert a destructive effect on the glue; monthly need for correction.

Reviews about eyelash extension.

After the procedure is done, the girlsnote the cardinal differences – a luxurious look, lush cilia, no discomfort. However, there is one nuance, in fact, because of which many are not able to walk with artificial cilia for a long time. You can not rub eyes, you need to take a shower and make hair masks.

Recovery eyelashes after building.

Sooner or later you will want to stop doingeyelash extension, mink it was or sable, not so important. After that, it will seem that the cilia are thinner, but if the procedure was performed in the salon, there would be no consequences. Against the background of long and black artificial hairs, they appear to be faded, and a desire arises to restore them. This is not necessary, but it does not hurt.

On sale there are various regenerative and intensifying eyelash growth oils. The most popular is castor oil, which has proved itself from the positive side. Cosmetic products, nourishing and protecting eyelashes, are also suitable for restoration and care. To improve the beauty of eyelashes will help vitamin complexes containing calcium, phosphorus and other components. Proper nutrition with the inclusion of fruits and vegetables positively affects the condition of not only the eyelashes, but the whole organism as a whole.

Do it at home or in the salon?

Acquire a delightful look without harm toThe eyelash extension studio will help you. Of course, it is not possible to do a piece-by-item growth alone, and it’s dangerous to do it at home with unqualified specialists. Therefore, you should only apply to professionals, and then you can get beautiful cilia and surprise them with passers-by.