Eyelash extension

Eyelash extensionEyelash extension. Pros and cons of the procedure.

To have thick, long eyelashes is the dream of eachwomen. However, nature has not endowed everyone with beauty. But do not despair. Modern cosmetic methods work wonders. Eyelashes can be built artificially. Beforehand it is necessary to familiarize with process technology, used materials, contraindications (if any).

What Mr. Eyelash extensions? Pros and Cons of the procedure.

Artificial eyelashes are attached to the naturalhelp the adhesive. There is beam and sessile growth. In the case of beam growth, bundles of synthetic fibers are glued to natural eyelashes. Sediment gluing is characterized by a different process technology. Artificial fibers are attached to each cilium separately. This method is the most painstaking, it takes more time to work. When the saddle build-up, the artificial material lasts longer. During the period of wearing, correction is required. A qualitative operation for sticking eyelashes can be performed only by a professional employee of the salon. This factor is very important. It depends on the quality of the procedure, the health of the client. Is it decided to make eyelash extensions? Pros and cons are as follows:

The positive aspects of the procedure.

First of all it is necessary to emphasize the aestheticcomponent of cosmetic manipulation. “New” eyelashes become long, thick, fluffy. The appearance of the eyes changes. He acquires expressiveness, attracts the eyes of others. There is no need to apply mascara, its daily washing, fear of streaks, accidental smearing. Modern technological innovations and materials allow you to give your eyelashes a beautiful, natural look for a long time. Adhesive compounds are available in a wide range. Therefore, you can choose it individually, in accordance with your features.

Varied choice of eyelashes allows you to find the right oneoption. For a particularly solemn occasion, “coming out”, producers of products offer a material with a chemical wave (curling up), crystals, sequins, any color shades. With the help of artificial eyelashes, you can slightly correct the incision of the eyes, increasing it or decreasing it. The procedure is available to every woman. Previously, she could only afford to actresses and famous personalities.

Negative aspects of the cosmetic operation “Eyelash extensions”

Pros and cons should be considered in advance, beforedecision making. Restrictions are for women wearing contact lenses. At the same time, the term of wearing artificial material is reduced. In addition, advanced eyelashes require appropriate care. Do not rub eyes during washing. Eliminates the use of fat-containing creams to care for the skin of the eyelids, otherwise the eyelashes can become unstuck. Too oily skin should be wipe with lotion.

There are contraindications for buildingeyelashes to women prone to allergic reactions, tearing, having eye diseases. Despite this, the question: is it harmful to build eyelashes, you can answer – no, subject to proper care for them and the implementation of the recommendations of a professional master cosmetician. He will give advice on all matters of interest. After all, any manipulation with the body, even such harmless as eyelash extension, “for” and “against” always has.

Studying the reviews about the procedure “eyelash extension”Advantages and disadvantages should be studied, having familiarized themselves with the feedback of clients who have made the procedure for a particular master. There is an opinion that this operation harms your own eyelashes, up to their complete loss. Such negative consequences can come only after visiting the master-amateur, without adequate education. Work of poor quality is harmful. Therefore, do not take risks and save money by appealing to non-professionals. Beauty and health are in your hands.