Eyelash Extensions: The Pros and Cons

Eyelash Extensions: The Pros and ConsEyelash Extensions: The Pros and Cons.

Left: Natural lashes Right: Lash extensions.

I recently treated myself to lash extensions, I paid £60 for them but didn’t have the best experience of them as they mostly fell out after just over a week. The spa were very apologetic and offered to replace them for free. In the end I didn’t take them up on this offer as I wasn’t very well on the day of the appointment, plus as a beauty blogger I enjoy wearing and testing new mascaras and couldn’t do this with my false lashes. However, this experience has made me think it may be a good idea just to do a little post about the positives and negatives of lash extensions, as I wish I had been a little better informed before I parted with my hard earned cash. Positives: They look amazing! They really do look natural, make you look more awake and give your eyes and lashes impact. Lash extensions save you loads of time in the morning. I didn’t ever wear mascara on top of mine so my morning makeup routine just consisted of foundation and blush. The extra 10 minutes in bed was much appreciated! You can still wear mascara on top of lash extensions. You just need to make sure that both the mascara and remover are oil free. You can wear lash extensions with contact lenses. I wear contacts every day and I had no problems at all. Negatives They take ages to apply, I was shocked when I turned up at the spa and they said I would have to be there for 2 hours. They are super expensive. I paid £60 for mine but I’ve read blog posts where people have paid up to £150 for them. If you want to keep them up you’ll need both the time and money to maintain them. They need replacing about once every 3 to 4 weeks and mine would have been £21 for infills but elsewhere may be a lot more expensive. You can expect to be there anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and a half for infills. I personally really didn’t enjoy the process of having them applied.I had to keep my eyes closed for 2 hours while a woman leaned over my face.I found it a little claustrophobic. Lash extensions can be irritating. When I woke up in the morning my eyes were a bit red and felt a little itchy but this wore off quite quickly as the morning progressed. When they are removed you do lose a few natural lashes. I think I only lost three or four but if you have very sparse lashes this could be a problem. Lash extensions aren’t always applied well. This was the case with mine but the spa were great and offered to replace them for free but I can’t imagine that everyone would be as apologetic and willing to correct them. So there you are, I hope you found that helpful. I do actually miss my lash extensions but I just didn’t enjoy having them applied and I find it difficult to find the time to get them replaced regularly. I definitely miss the extra 10 minutes in bed though!