Eyelash Growth Serums

Eyelash Growth SerumsEyelash Growth Serums.

We have reviewed the 8 Best Eyelash Growth Serums!

8 Best Eyelash Growth Serums.

There are a lot of ways to temporarily get long, full lashes – first, strip lashes which only last as long as you wear your makeup – which means bye-bye, lashes at the end of the night. Lash extensions are an option too, but keeping up with appointments every four weeks (not to mention what you can and can’t do with lash extensions) just eats up too much time and money. There’s also a risk of an allergic reaction to lash glue, for those with more sensitive skin.

The solution?

Growing your own lashes, of course.

Yes, even if your lashes are not as thick or long as you’d like them to be, there are ways around that – with a good eyelash growth serum. They’re so easy to use too – one swipe (just like you’re putting on eyeliner!) before bed and you are good to go. To make sure that you’re making the most out of your eyelash serum, follow these three golden rules:

Only apply serum to clean, dry lashes.

For absolute best results, always apply your eyelash serum to clean and dry eyelashes – preferably right before bed, when your face is free of any makeup that could prevent the serum from absorbing.

Target the roots of your lashes, not the lengths.

The key to a successful lash serum is strengthening the hair at the root. While there’s no doubt that serum applied to your lash lengths will make them less brittle, the nourishing serum needs to be applied to the follicle root for lasting, dramatic results.

Only apply once a day.

Applying the lash serum more than once a day isn’t going to make your eyelashes grow faster, and you’ll end up going through your lash serum way too quickly.

Eyelash growth serums are amazing because they ensure that the gorgeous lashes that you want are actually your own, and don’t disappear when it’s time to take your makeup off at the end of the night.

Yes, they do take a little bit of time to work – usually about four weeks for first results – but the end results of full, natural lashes are so worth it.

Some common ingredients that lash serums contain are peptides, prostaglandin, and hair conditioning ingredients that all work to support healthy lash growth.

We’ve researched and read and tried various lash serums – all in the name of science – and here are eight different eyelash serums, reviewed and compared.

1. Uklash (3ml)

The Uklash eyelash serum is formulated with a carefully curated mix of vitamins and peptides to nourish your lashes right at the root and promises to deliver longer lashes in just couple of weeks. It targets brittle, dry lashes and encourages their growth by conditioning and nourishing them – reducing breakage for fuller, lusher lashes.

Pumpkin Seed, Grape Seed, Panax Ginseng and Swertia Japonica Extracts are naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamins, delivering a potent dose of eyelash-boosting power.

It also boasts a multi-purpose formula – it can be used for thickening and reviving over-plucked brows. I would call that a win-win – lush brows and fluttery lashes? Count me in. The 3ml supply is good for 3-4 months, but fewer if you use it on your brows too. For the cost per tube, the Uklash serum gives you a lot of bang for your buck – just proving that you don’t need to spend a lot of money for an eyelash serum that really works.

UKlash Pros.

Best one on market Proven & effective results Contains peptides Natural ingredients and vitamins 100 % Money back guarantee Cruelty-free and vegan Paraben & fragrance-free Can be used as eyelash or brow serum Lash extension and contact lens safe Affordable & value for money.

UkLash Cons.

Only offered in one size.

2. LashFOOD (3ml)

A 99% natural eyelash growth serum formulated with LashFOOD’s patented Phyto-medic complex. One of the hero ingredients in the LashFOOD serum is Arginine, an amino acid that supports healthy hair growth right at the root. This lash growth serum also supports healthy lashes by deep conditioning the entire hair follicle, stopping eyelashes from prematurely falling out.

Of the users that tried LashFOOD Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancing Serum, all of the users found that their lashes were longer, thicker and denser.

And even better – none of the participants reported eyelid irritation, making this eyelash serum the perfect pick for those of us with more sensitive skin. This is also one of the more cost-effective lash serums – perfect for someone that wants to try a lash serum for the first time.

LashFOOD Pros.

Patented Phyto-medic Complex Certified natural & organic ingredients Cruelty-free and vegan Safe for very sensitive skin Ecocert compliant Paraben & sulfate-free Clinically proven results Lash extension safe Affordable & value for money.

LashFOOD Cons.

Expensive No Money-Back Guarantee Not multipurpose for brows No peptides.

3. RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner (2ml or 3.5ml)

Contains RevitaLash’s proprietary BioPeptin complex, which combines the fortifying powers of Biotin with peptides for longer, fuller lashes. Combined with hydrating ingredients to condition eyelashes, this lash growth serum is perfect for maintaining long, healthy lashes. Some of the key natural ingredients include Green Tea Extract for its high levels of antioxidants and Panthenol, which work to strengthen hair straight from the root.

Size wise, RevitaLash offers a 2ml tube for three months supply or 3.5ml for six months. It seems odd that a six month supply would not be a 4ml tube, but in either case – you get a small amount for how much you pay.

For comparison, a 2ml tube of RevitaLash costs twice as much as a 3ml tube of Uklash or LashFOOD, and a 3.5ml tube costs almost three times as much!

RevitaLash Pros.

Ophthalmologist developed Contains peptides Patented BioPeptin Complex Natural lash-conditioning extracts Hypoallergenic and non-irritating Cruelty-free and vegan Clinically tested results Oil-free and lash extension safe.

RevitaLash Cons.

Expensive for a small amount No Money-Back Guarantee.

4. GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum (2ml)

GrandeLash is considered a cult-favourite eyelash growth serum – it’s formulated with ingredients to hydrate hair for lush, breakage-resistant eyelashes. Some of its notable ingredients include amino acids, botanical extracts, and polysaccharides.

Amino acids are an essential ingredient for healthy lashes, starting right at the root. Botanical extracts derived from ginseng and chamomile condition eyelashes, reducing breakage and supporting growth. Glycosaminoglycans, aka polysaccharides, moisturise hair and support keratin production – the protein that our eyelashes, like all the hair on our body, is made of.

However, GrandeLash does contain an ingredient in the prostaglandin family called Cloprostenol, which may cause irritation and eyelid darkening. Plus, at just 2ml per tube, it doesn’t offer the best value for money – especially when other serums cost a lot less for more serum.

GrandeLASH-MD Pros.

Ophthalmologist tested & approved Lash extension and contact lens safe Cruelty-free and vegan Contains hyaluronic acid Contains glycosaminoglycans Natural lash-conditioning extracts.

GrandeLASH-MD Cons.

Contains potentially irritating ingredient Not multipurpose for brows Expensive for a small amount.

5. M2 Beauté Eyelash Activating Serum (5ml)

This eyelash growth serum is developed with M2 Beauté’s innovative PRODEW® 500, a complex specially developed to repair damaged hair from the root, and support healthy, conditioned hair. It strengthens hair from within the follicle, extending the individual eyelash growth cycle and temporarily halting the natural hair fall process.

Packed full of hydrating ingredients like Panthenol, Biotin, and Hyaluronic Acid, this lash serum provides essential moisture that will tackle problems like lash breakage and brittleness.

However, it does contain a prostaglandin analogue called Norbimatoprost – while it does lengthen lashes, it may have other unwanted side effects too. It also contains alcohol, which may cause irritation for sensitive eyes.

At 5ml, this lash growth serum offers a lot of product in a single tube, also has a higher price to match – more than double the cost of the other serums on this list.

M2 Beauté Eyelash Pros.

Patented PRODEW® 500 Contains amino acids Contains biotin Contains hyaluronic acid Contains panthenol Cruelty-free and vegan Contains glycosaminoglycans Generous 5ml of Serum.

M2 Beauté Eyelash Cons.

Contains potentially irritating ingredient Not multipurpose for brows Contains skin-irritating alcohol Even more expensive for more serum No Money-Back Guarantee.

6. RapidLash (3ml)

RapidLash’s eyelash growth serum is formulated with their proprietary Hexatein Complex, composed of six essential ingredients for gorgeous, fluttery lashes: polypeptides, biotin, panthenol, amino acids, soybean oil, and pumpkin seed extract. Polypeptides work to prevent hair breakage. Biotin supports hair growth for thick, luscious eyelashes. Panthenol conditions and smooths the hair follicles, improving their overall appearance. Amino acids repair the very protein structure of hair, repairing damage and preventing more from occurring. Soybean is a rich, moisturising oil – preventing lash breakage. Finally, pumpkin seed extract delivers a rich shot of essential vitamins to the hair at the root for healthy, long eyelashes.

It’s also fairly priced for how much serum you get in the bottle – not too expensive, but not sceptically low-priced either.

RapidLash Pros.

HEXATEIN® 1 COMPLEX Contains peptides Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested Safe for Contact Lens Wearers Paraben and fragrance-free Cruelty-free Affordable & value for money.

RapidLash Cons.

Not multipurpose for brows Only 60 days Money-Back Guarantee.

7. neuLASH Lash Enhancing Serum (6ml)

Claiming to revive sparse eyelashes within thirty days, the neuLASH Serum contains a potent blend of nourishing ingredients to condition dry, brittle lashes and support healthy lash growth. The key ingredients formulated in this eyelash growth serum are actually incredibly similar to the RapidLash formula – so it begs the question, who is imitating who? Regardless, there’s no doubt why these familiar ingredients were chosen – they’re excellent for nurturing and conditioning eyelashes for the fluttery, long eyelashes that many of us dream of. However, this lash serum does contain a prostaglandin analogue – so do avoid this one if you want to avoid the possibility of eyelid darkening and irritation.

While the 6ml tube promises at least six months worth of lash serum, it’s still a lot of money to spend at once for a lash serum – it’s least three times more expensive than some of the other serums mentioned on this list.

neuLASH Pros.

Formulated with Active Eyelash Technology® Contains hyaluronic acid Contains panthenol Contains biotin Contains peptides Cruelty-free Generous 6ml of Serum.

neuLASH Cons.

Contains potentially irritating ingredient Not multipurpose for brows Contains alcohol Even more expensive for more serum No Money-Back Guarantee.

8. Lancer Lash Serum Intense (5ml)

Last but not least is the Lancer Lash Serum Intense. Similar to the previously mentioned counterparts, some of the key ingredients in the Lancer Lash Serum overlap with its competitors. There’s definitely a theme of effective ingredients that seems to include peptides, biotin, and panthenol!

In addition to the usual additions of hair-conditioning ingredients Lancer boasts their own Triple Peptide Complex, the perfect complementary ingredient to round out an effective lash growth serum. Peptides work by providing the essential building blocks for healthy hair, resulting in thick, luscious lashes – combined with effective hair moisturising ingredients, this is a sure recipe for full and fluttery lashes.

It also has a full 5ml to offer – some of our other serums only offer 3ml as their maximum size offered. However, the extra product comes with an overall higher price – nearly four times as much as Uklash and LashFOOD serums.

However, this lash growth serum contains a potentially irritating combination of alcohol and a prostaglandin analogue – something to keep in mind while shopping for a lash serum.