How to Choose Which Mascara Type Is Right for You

How to Choose Which Mascara Type Is Right for YouHow to Choose Which Mascara Type Is Right for You.

No matter if you wear a full face of makeup or you favor a far more natural approach, mascara is the cherry on top of any look. There are so many options when it comes to choosing which type of mascara works best for you. From lengthening to thickening—even waterproof options—it can be difficult to navigate the beauty aisle to find your perfect mascara match.

Just like the hair on your head, each person has a different lash type. Whether you have fine lashes that need a little boost or short hairs that could use some extra length, there is a mascara out there that can make them look full and fanned-out.

Lengthening Mascara.

If you have short lashes, a lengthening mascara is meant to make them appear much longer than they naturally are. The brushes often have comb-like bristles that allow you to apply the formula onto your lashes, gliding it from root to end, coating the tip of each and every hair. Though these mascaras likely won’t give you thicker lashes, they can give a more dramatic, clump-free effect by making them appear more fluttery.

Fiber mascaras are also a great option, since they attach tiny little fibers to each lash as you apply the formula, adding both length and fullness.

Here are a few popular lengthening mascaras: