I ve removed my eyelash extensions – left with bald; short lashes

I ve removed my eyelash extensions - left with bald; short lashesI’ve removed my eyelash extensions – left with bald & short lashes.

I took them off as every time a lash came out I lost my own lashes. I filled them in with cluster lashes & they looked ok but it’s time to remove them. I was warned not to get them done. I am a beauty therapist & did all the correct aftercare. I’m glad I tried them but never again. I have bought some grow lash serum & hopefully can make them look decent with some mascara. If anyone is thinking of getting them done don’t do it.

yep i had them for over a year and relied on liquid eyeliner as I waited for them to grow back. not worth it.

I bought rapid lash as my eyelashes were patchy and very short. I now have the longest lashes I have ever had and they are gorgeous. It worked really quickly and I started noticing a big difference within 2 weeks. I’m sure you’ll get great and fast results too.

Thanks blinger & faezy. I really hope they grow back long & thick. I will report back in a few weeks how they are doing.

Do you think that maybe it was the taking them off that did the damage? It’s natural that they come off with actual lashes – it’s actually the natural lash shedding that causes the fake lashes to come out (as the are stuck to the old natural lash), not the other way around IYSWIM?

If this isn’t the case, then I’d consider going back to where they were done and asking for a refund, as they may have glued them poorly, added the wrong number etc. It is definitely possible to have eyelash extensions without this problem.

Vaseline is also very good if applied sparingly at bedtime.

My daughter and I did a couple of weeks trial only applying vaseline to one eye! Obviously it didnt make our lashes grow quicker but there was a noticeable difference in fullness. She still applies it once in a blue moon and I use it once or twice a week and it acts as a conditioner and of course, it is so cheap.

Just the teensiest tiny amount.

Also, I recommend fibre lash mascara.

You apply a coat of clear mascara, then using a separate wand, apply fibres, then use the clear mascara on top.

A million times better than false lashes. I buy a cheap one from ebay.

I’ve been having them for 3 years with no problems. They are supposed to fall out when your natural lash sheds.

Yep, same experience here but rapid lash brought them back to life. We keep trying to warn people not to do it!!

Thanks everyone. The girl who did them was very experienced. I did find the glue very strong. My eyes stung & watered after & I got a really bad headache from the fumes. I did all the correct aftercare, using a cotton bud with eye makeup remover & gently rolling over the lashes. I did not tug or pull them. Every lash that came out came out with my natural lash. I don’t normally shed my lashes as much as they did. I used a professional remover as I a beauty therapist & gently rolled it along the lash line to loosen the glue. I think it must be the same as having hair extensions. They look good on but leave damage after removal.

I really hope the Revitalash gets them long & thick again.

Hello ladies, please help! I had individual Eyelash extensions and since removing I have lost 80% of my eyelashes. I feel so self conscious and have work tomorrow and am desperately trying to think what to do. Did everyone’s eyelashes grow back? How long did this take? Did you use strip eyelashes while you were waiting? Do they stick to just a few eyelashes? Any help will be so much appreciated!! Wish I had been warned this could happen.

I put Castor Oil on my lashes, they are so long now that my mascara rubs off on my sunglasses!

Thanks Effendi, did you have a similar problem with losing most your lashes after individual Eyelash extensions? I will investigate castor oil xx.

PS how long did they take to grow back? X.

No, they were just sparse to begin with. I bought some Grande Lash last year, about €45. It worked but expensive to replace so didn’t bother when it ran out. A few months later I saw a thread on here about Castor Oil, bought some but then forgot about it. Dug it out and started using it about 3 months ago. Takes couple of weeks to see results but worth it. I’ve heard that some people use it on their eyebrows too.

Mine took a few weeks to properly grow back. Never, ever again.

I lose my lashes when knackered and find the rapid lash works within a few weeks. I now use caster oil as it’s thickening them. In the mean time if you do a thin line of eyeliner across your lash line it can make the gaps look less noiceable.

You can buy Careprost online. It has the same ingredient in it that is in eye drops for sufferers of glaucoma – it really works.

Mine took forever to grow back. Rapid lash is worth its weight in gold.

Thanks so much everyone xx.

I got rapidlash for just under £21.00 last week on amazon. It’s good stuff, I will never use eyelash extensions again, as I don’t need to x.

I got them for my wedding day, wish I had just worn strips. Looked lovely on the day but not I am starting married life with no eyelashes. Lucky hubby! They really Ally should warn you more, I had no idea xx.

Hey ladies. I’m freaking out. I had full clusters put on 11 days ago. They looked beautiful and I felt great. They began coming off and looking bad so i used an oil that would take rest off. Now I’m embarrassed to leave my house. My natural eyelashes were pretty b4 I wanted to try something different. Do I go back and get another set or just get upset when I look in the mirror the next few months. Please give me advice. Literally Just happened!! Was on Google and came across this discussion.

I had them done twice. I wasn’t comfy with them especially when a man I was talking to told me I had a massive lash on my cheek. Felt like a right prick. Then I had them removed and mother of god the pain. My eyes felt like someone had poured sizzling fluid in them. I had them done again and same problem except this time my lovely natural lashes were sizzled and half the size. Never again.

I have tried every mascara on the planet and I don’t mind paying up to £30 for one. I have just discovered Max Factor False Lash Effect and it is FANTASTIC. First off, you get twice as much mascara as you get in other products 2-3 times the price but secondly it is quite thin, so I do one coat, let dry for a few seconds whilst do other eye, then 2nd coat and finally a bit n the ends. My lashes look like I have had extensions and are really full and long.

No more false lashes for me.

Christy poor you! I wouldn’t advise getting more. castor oil or rapidlash. They will grow.