Invest in an Eyelash Serum Now, Emerge from Self-Isolation as Twiggy Later

Invest in an Eyelash Serum Now, Emerge from Self-Isolation as Twiggy LaterInvest in an Eyelash Serum Now, Emerge from Self-Isolation as Twiggy Later.

No prescription needed.

Sometimes achieving the luscious lashes of your dreams takes more than a tube of killer mascara. But applying falsies every day is incredibly high-maintenance and no one has time for that. Somewhere in between is lash serum, a supercharged elixir that does everything from simply strengthening lashes in order to prevent fallout and help them reach their fullest potential, to actually boosting growth and volume. Ahead, shop 15 lash serums to turn you into Twiggy in no time.

Mother nature comes through for your lashes with this herbal remedy, which uses an organic blend of extracts to stimulate lash follicles.

In a couple of weeks, you can turn around wimpy lashes (and sad-looking brows) with this hard-working formula featuring a triple peptide complex, which promotes length and fullness.

Packed with serious skincare ingredients like polypeptides, biotin, and panthenol, this pricey option does wonders for the littlest of lashes.

Fan-favorite Talika’s Lipocils Expert Eyelash Conditioning Gel uses natural ingredients like antioxidants to stimulate growth and enhance color while also lifting and curling. The applicator brush is also unique in that it allows the product to sweep from lash line to the end of each strand for even distribution. One reviewer said they noticed a difference in as little as three weeks.

Formulated with the amino acid arginine, this nourishing serum pumps up the volume of your lashes and can do the same for brows. Bonus: It hydrates the skin around your eyes, too.

Get your lashes growing simply by applying mascara with this tinted option that comes in fun shades like violet and vibrant blue.

When you don’t have time to add yet another product to your skincare regimen, knock out lash growing and under eye anti-aging in one step with this two-in-one serum.

The peptide-based treatment is ideal for nighttime. Apply the formula before bed and after a few weeks of sleep you’ll see results.

This multi-tasker does the work of a lash-building serum, primer, and clear mascara, plus the applicator works like a mini massager to really get the fortifying formula into the lashes.

The drugstore steal! Lashes are said to become fuller, thicker and darker after one use. Bonus: The thin applicator is easy to apply to the lash line.

Worried an eyelash serum might irritate your eyes? Fret no more. This ophthalmologist-tested and approved formula is infused with vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids to enhance your lashes for longer, thicker, fuller lashes.. Choose between the six-week starter supply to kickstart the process, or shop the three-month supply for the recommended full three month use.

If you’re looking for fuller lashes and not just length, Rapid Lash’s serum has got you covered. Amino acids boost the protein structure of the lashes while polypeptides condition the eye to fight against breakage and add a bit of volume.

Perfect for the most brittle lashes, this lash conditioner works to prevent breakage while simultaneously improving moisture.

Key ingredient sodium hyaluronate protects and strengthens the most brittle lashes to reveal a more nourished and soft lash. Pumpkin seed extract also promotes volume so it will look like you’re wearing falsies even though you’re not.

If you’re looking for results fast, look no further than Neutrogena’s Lash Enhancer Serum. Users have seen lash growth in as little as two weeks!