M; sian Girl Swears Off Lash Extensions After Losing Her Natural Lashes While Removing Them

M; sian Girl Swears Off Lash Extensions After Losing Her Natural Lashes While Removing ThemM’sian Girl Swears Off Lash Extensions After Losing Her Natural Lashes While Removing Them.

September 12, 2018.

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Lash extensions is a fast-growing beauty trend for many women who want to have thicker, longer and curlier lashes just like Kim K or Kylie Jenner. To achieve this look, many women nowadays would pop by the beauty salon to get their lashes done. Of course, since this procedure is in the delicate eye region, it’s best to leave it to the pros.

Don’t try to do it yourself because things could get ugly, like this poor girl in this case!

Siakap Keli reported that a Malaysian girl had completely lost her natural lashes in the process of trying to remove her lash extensions by herself, which wouldn’t come off easily. The girl shared her plight on Facebook as she wrote that we probably shouldn’t tamper with God’s creation, like our natural eyelashes.

Her post, which was accompanied by photos of before and after she removed her lash extensions, reads,

“I swear I will never do another eyelash extension. I’m already partially ‘blind’ (by the extension removal). After 30 minutes of removing the lashes, I went to buy Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and continued the removal process.”

Ouch! Sounds painful!

After hours of agony, the stubborn extensions finally came off. Unfortunately, she also lost all her natural eyelashes during the process. Oh no! The girl alleged that she could have been allergic to the glue used to stick the lashes onto her eyelids as well.

In the comments section, the girl revealed that she has had lash extensions done before but she never had this issue. She wrote,

“I have done lash extensions before and my lashes were fine. However, I have no lashes now.”

Meanwhile, one netizen was quick to point out that she had glue on her eyelids’ skin and that the technique used to put on the lash extensions was wrong. The netizen then suggested that she get professional help the next time around. Yup, best to leave it to the pros!

Meanwhile, another netizen asked if she had her lash extensions done in some dodgy place and the girl replied that she usually does it at Toplash KL but opted to do it in Kelantan this time. On the other hand, one netizen alleged that the stylist may have used a cheap glue. Plausible.

After this traumatic experience, the girl has now sworn off lash extensions because she doesn’t want to go through the painful process of removing her fake lashes again.

We sure hope that her natural lashes will grow out quickly after this and that she recovers from this beauty nightmare. Perhaps she should apply some coconut oil on her lids before she goes to bed now.

So, ladies, there’s no harm in getting some pretty lash extensions but please remember to visit a credible parlour and have the procedure done by a trusted stylist. Also, never try to remove them on your own – always go to the pros and let them handle it!