Of the 38 Mascaras I ve Tested, These Are the Only Ones I d Recommend

Of the 38 Mascaras I ve Tested, These Are the Only Ones I d RecommendOf the 38 Mascaras I’ve Tested, These Are the Only Ones I’d Recommend.

Disclaimer: I rarely wear mascara. On a night out (or for a special occasion), I’ll slap it on, but as a serial “face toucher” (something I got seriously told off about when a skin expert came to give our routines an overhaul), wearing mascara on the daily is just a recipe for panda eyes.

On a normal day at the office, you’ll find me with a full face of makeupВ sansВ lashes. And it seems I’m not the only one. While mascara remains the holy-grail beauty product for many, cool girls and makeup artists have been ditching mascara this year and trying out the combination of bare lashes and a bold lip instead, which I love.

However, after testing out all of the concealers on the market to bring you a guide to the best ones, I wanted to turn my attention to another beauty staple, and I reckon mascara is a good place to start. I have to say that I found some seriously good ones. So much so that I’ve actually been wearing mascara more regularly again.

Before we get started, I wanted to give you the lowdown on my natural lashes. My bare lashes are dark brown (which is why I’ve never been too fussed about wearing mascara), and they’re pretty curly. In fact, they’re so curly that they curl back on themselves in places, meaning that they look even shorter than they already are. They aren’t the thickest (meaning that when I do look for a mascara, I like something that adds volume at the roots), but it’s their length that I always want to boost.

There are tons of mascaras on the market promising to volumise, lift, lengthen and perform a lot of lash magic tricks. But of the 38 I put to the test over the last few weeks, these are the only nine I’d genuinely recommend. Keep scrolling for my before-and-after photos, and then shop my favourites.

Best for Natural Lashes.

Rating: 7/10.

I’ve spoken before of my love of this Glossier mascara as an everyday option. While it won’t deliver a dramatic falsies effect, it will extend lashes and give them a soft, natural finish that I loved. As someone who doesn’t reach for mascara every day, it’s a safe bet.