Serum Presets: The Best Free/Paid Packs in Each Genre

Serum Presets: The Best Free/Paid Packs in Each GenreSerum Presets: The Best Free/Paid Packs in Each Genre.

As you already know, Serum is a phenomenal synth.

Everyone’s got it, and if they haven’t, they want it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a huge amount of presets. Sure, there’s enough to get started, but you’ll be eager for extra presets shortly after buying the synth.

In this post, I share the best free and paid Serum preset packs for all the major genres of electronic music.

What if you’re a beginner to sound design? You just want some great presets that work for EDM? Then grab our free EDM Essentials for Xfer Serum below!

Table of contents.

Don’t have Serum yet? The best place to get affordable presets The best presets by genre Future Bass Serum Presets Free Future Bass Presets Premium Future Bass Presets Dubstep and Trap Serum Presets Free Dubstep/Trap Presets Premium Dubstep/Trap Presets House Serum Presets Free House Presets Premium House Presets Drum ‘n’ Bass Serum Presets Free DnB Presets Premium DnB Presets Chill and Indie Serum Presets Free Chill/Indie Presets Premium Chill/Indie Presets Trance and Progressive Serum Presets Free Trance/Progressive Presets Premium Trance/Progressive Presets Other notable Serum preset packs and resources Free Resources and Packs Paid Resources and Packs Getting the most out of Serum (resources)

Don’t have Serum yet?

Not much point in looking for Serum presets if you don’t have the synth yet.

Let’s get that fixed first, then we’ll get to the packs.

There are two main ways to purchase Serum:

Through the Xfer Records website Through Splice on a rent-to-own plan (sponsored)

Unless you have a strong desire to pay for Serum all at once ($189 payment), I recommend using the Splice rent-to-own plan. You don’t pay any extra, and payments end when you’ve paid for the synth.

You even get a 3-day free trial.

Note: We use Serum exclusively in our EDM Foundations course. If you’ve been producing for less than 12 months, check it out here.

The best place to get affordable presets.

Not only does Splice offer a rent-to-own deal for Serum, but it’s also a great place to get presets and samples on their service Splice Sounds (sponsored).

The biggest benefit to using a tool like Splice Sounds is that you can individually pick and download the presets you want.

You can’t do this when buying a preset pack. You get what you’re given. You might like 20% of the presets, but the rest? That’s too bad.

With that said, it’s not as convenient as downloading a full preset pack and having 50+ sounds right there in your Serum Presets folder. While Splice Sounds has a decent web platform, it doesn’t compare to scrolling through presets inside Serum itself.

Note: Many (not all) of the premium packs linked below are also available on Splice Sounds. We also recommend the latest version of Serum for all of these packs.

The best presets by genre.

It’s all good to have a bunch of free sounds or even paid sounds, but there isn’t much point in having unusable dubstep basses if you’re making trance. Or tech house sounds if you’re making synthpop.

So we’ve broken these packs down into different genres so you can see the best available that are relevant to you .

Future Bass Serum Presets.

Future Bass is the hottest genre right now, and naturally, there’s a lot of preset packs available for it.

So which ones are worth checking out?

Let’s start with the free packs.

Free Future Bass Presets.

(Please note that while these are free, some have download gates on them. Be prepared to give an email address or Soundcloud follow in exchange for the pack).

Premium Future Bass Presets.

Got some cash to spare? These 5 packs will last you years.

Dubstep and Trap Serum Presets.

In need of some nasty bass sounds for your tracks? Whether it’s riddim, dubstep or trap, these packs will have you covered. Once again, some of these have download gates.

Free Dubstep/Trap Presets.

Killsam Hybrid Trap Serum Pack (35 Presets) What About Free Dubstep Serum Presets (50 Presets) Pump Your Sound Trap & Brostep Presets for Serum ST4RBUCK Dubstep Presets by ST4RBUCK (4 presets)

Premium Dubstep/Trap Presets.

Sometimes everybody’s using the free stuff. To sound unique, you need to dig through the good stuff. Here are some great packs to get you sounding fresh.

Nightmares Vol 2 Hybrid Trap Serum Pack by Cymatics (75 presets + wavetables + project files) Virtual Riot: Serum Presets by Prime Loops (64 presets) Vicious Dubstep Serum Presets XL by Production Master (300 presets) Trap for Serum by Zenhiser (150 presets + samples) Silhouette Serum Trap Presets by ModeAudio (50 presets + samples + wavetables + MIDI)

House Serum Presets.

House, while it has evolved over the years, still remains a very popular genre, and that’s not going to be changing any time soon. Here are some great free and paid packs to get you stocked up, mostly in the bass house and future house genres.

Free House Presets.

Here are some different house packs to get you making all sorts of house music. Some of these have extras included too.

Free Future House Presets for Xfer Serum by FREE Serum Future House by WA Production (36 presets) Free Serum Presets for Tech House & Techno by Viper (17 presets + wavetables + noises)

Premium House Presets.

If you need some staple sounds for your library, make sure to look through these packs. You’ll get a lot of value from any of these options, so make sure you check to see which is best for you.

Unwind Serum Chord Presets by ModeAudio (50 presets + wavetables + MIDI) Shocking Bass House for Serum by Vandalism (64 presets) Future House for Xfer Serum by Cymatics (85 presets + project files) 100 Deep House Presets for Xfer Serum by Surge Sounds (100 presets) TechHouse SERUM Presets 01 by Delectable (64 presets)

Drum ‘n’ Bass Serum Presets.

If you aren’t afraid of 174, then these Serum presets will solve all of your drum and bass needs. These sounds can be used whether you make neurofunk, jump up, liquid, whatever really.

Free DnB Presets.

There aren’t too many free DnB packs online, but this one has some great Neurofunk basses.

FREE Neurofunk presets for Xfer Serum by 20Hz Sound (11 presets) Artificial Serum Presets by Bias Notion (13 presets Use code FREESETS at checkout.

Premium DnB Presets.

Once again, DnB has a lot of sub-genres, each with its own defining elements. From Neurofunk to Jump Up, check these options out.

Icicle – Drum & Bass Serum Presets by Loopmasters (64 presets) TC Serum Modern DNB Presets by TC (34 presets) Outer Space Jump Up DNB by Soundvolt (40 presets) Neurofunk Serum Bass Vol 3 by Eksit Sounds (43 presets) Fourward DNB – Serum Presets by Loopmasters (80 presets)

Chill and Indie Serum Presets.

After some more stripped back sounds? Serum can do much more than crazy basses, and hopefully these packs below will prove that to you as well.

Free Chill/Indie Presets.

A lot of nice sounds here that are great not only for chill music, but for all genres. The Mellotron pack is especially nice.

Chill Serum Presets by Soundshock (25 presets) Free Serum Presets by AngelicVibes (50 presets) Free Serum Presets Pack by Rabbit Lair (64 presets) Free Mellotron Presets for Serum by (17 presets + wavetables)

Premium Chill/Indie Presets.

Here are some solid melodic and chill sounds that are great for anything, from pads to hooks.

Synthwave – Serum Presets by Loopmasters (81 presets) Chillwave for Serum by GOGOi (60 presets) Vibes for Xfer Serum by Cymatics (90 presets) Indie Dance & Electronica – Serum Presets by Loopmasters Hologram Serum Chill Electronic Presets by ModeAudio (50 presets + samples + MIDI)

Trance and Progressive Serum Presets.

Want that euphoric trance buildup and drop sound? Trance is notorious for its layered and big sound, so grab some of these presets and get to work.

Free Trance/Progressive Presets.

You’ll find some nice supersaws and plucks in here without having to spend a cent.

Premium Trance/Progressive Presets.

These are some beastly packs, containing a LOT of presets. They also all sound really good, so check them out.

Serum Trance Essentials Vol. 1 by Freshly Squeezed Samples (256 samples) Epic And Uplifting Trance For Xfer Serum by Trance Euphoria (128 presets) TITAN-2 Xfer Serum Presets by CFA Sound (90 presets)

Other notable Serum preset packs and resources.

There are a million and one genres out there, so here are some that are great but don’t really fit into any category above. These are fairly general and can be used in many different genres.

Free Resources and Packs.

EDM Essentials for Serum by EDMProd r/SerumPresets on Reddit Rocket Powered Sound Resources Hip-Hop Makers Serum Presets Xfer Serum Starter Pack by Cymatics Catalyst Free Presets by Gravitas Create (120 presets) 1340 Wavetables on Reddit.

Paid Resources and Packs.

Splice Sounds Elements for Xfer Serum Bundle by Cymatics Serum Essentials by Essential Sounds Dark Cinematic – Serum Presets by Loopmasters (118 presets) Ionise Serum SFX Presets by ModeAudio (60 presets)

Getting the most out of Serum (resources)

Now that you have access to some great sounds, how can you take them further by understanding how to tweak them and make other sounds from scratch? After all, presets are only one side of the story.

Here are some great websites, articles and videos for learning more about Serum.

Once again, make sure to grab our free EDM Essentials pack.

Anything we missed? Let me know at [email protected]

About the Author.

Sam Matla.

I’m the founder of EDMProd and co-author of EDM Foundations. Hobbies including producing, drinking coffee, and reading. Drop me a line on Twitter and follow me on Instagram @sammatla.