Sorry, there; s no; quick; way to grow your eyelashes

Sorry, there; s no; quick; way to grow your eyelashesSorry, there’s no “quick” way to grow your eyelashes.

Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe . no, she was definitely born with it. Even with an expert eyelash curler and the best mascara on the market, my eyelashes don’t look like that! Some people are just born with naturally long lashes, and the rest of us are left furiously googling how to grow eyelashes.

Here’s a quick refresher on the eyelash growth cycle: There are three stages. The catagen (dormant stage), the telogen (shedding stage), and the anagen (the growth phase) — don’t worry, we don’t remember learning that in health class, either. It naturally takes your eyelashes about three months to grow on their own. But, if you are weaning off eyelash extensions, or you’ve pinpointed why your eyelashes have fallen out and are trying to grow them back, three months can feel like a lifetime. Luckily, there are some products out there that help promote eyelash growth.

Eyelash Growth Serums.

“An eyelash growth product should help stimulate the growth of hair of the eyelash,” Birnur Aral, Ph.D., director of the Beauty Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, has previously explained. “For hair growth, a product’s actives must reach the hair follicle, and as such . should be regulated as a drug.”

Latisse is currently the only lash growth serum approved by the FDA. The product was actually originally conceived as a treatment for glaucoma (high eye pressure) before researchers noticed a secondary benefit: growing eyelashes. You’ll need a doctor’s prescription to get your hands on the product, and for good reason. Latisse is a drug after all, and can interact badly with other medication you are taking. Consulting with a doctor is the best way to avoid some of the product’s unappealing side effects, like the disclosed side effect of green or blue eyes turning brown if the serum gets in your irises.

Long story short: Latisse can cut the time it takes for your eyelashes to grow from three months to four to six weeks. But it’s not without its possible side effects. Plus, when you stop using it regularly, your eyelashes stop growing. So, it’s up to you if eyelash growth serum feels worth it in your situation.

OTC Eyelash Growth Serums.

You may know some people who swear up and down that over-the-counter lash growth serum is responsible for their newly long and luscious lashes, and this is where we get into murky territory. These lash serums most likely contain an active ingredient that is similar to, or derived from, bimatoprost (the ingredient in Latisse that stimulates hair growth). But here’s the thing, unlike bimatoprost, these over-the-counter ingredients are not regulated by the FDA. Therefore, they cannot receive the agency’s stamp of approval for safety.

Consider the skincare brand Rodan + Field’s Lash Boost Serum. Last year, the company was hit with a federal class action lawsuit after costumers claimed that the company failed to disclose side effects of the ingredient isopropyl cloprostenate, a derivative of bimatoprost. The costumers claimed the product caused “change(s) in iris color, eyelid drooping, itchy eyes, eye/lid discoloration, thinning and loss of eyelashes/loss of eyelash hair, eye sensitivity, eye infections, and vision impairment.”

Yikes. Just because your friends are promoting OTC lash growing serum on Facebook doesn’t mean it’s safe. So if you’re looking for a lower maintenance way to get healthy lashes, try eyelash conditioning serums.

Eyelash Conditioning Serums.

Think of eyelash conditioning serums like hair conditioners. They don’t directly cause hair growth, but they do moisturize and strengthen hair to prevent existing hair from falling out. If growth serums work by giving you new growth, conditioning serums work by protecting new growth.

Be on the look out for products with ingredients like peptides, vitamins (like biotin!), and natural oils (especially castor oil), all of which can add strength and shine to your lashes. Our Beauty Lab has found the best serums to promote eyelash growth, including products that help keep eyelashes strong. See a few of them below!