Swollen, itchy eyelid after eyelash extensions

Swollen, itchy eyelid after eyelash extensionsSwollen, itchy eyelid after eyelash extensions.


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Hi I had my lashes done on Friday using Lash Perfect. They look gorgeous but today I have woken up and one eyelid is sore along the lash line in the middle but not the whole way across.

This happened last year when I had had them for about six months and absolutely fine then all of a sudden the same thing it would be itchy in one place on either eyelid (always three days later) itchiness lasts for about two days then goes because I sort of push the lashes back until I can feel it almost break if that makes sense (not pulling them out though) and then instant relief. Then they were fine until the next infil when the same thing happened again. I have had a six month break from them and this is a completely new set.

What is doing this? I dont think its actually a reaction to glue or anything.


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I would definately say this is a reaction to the glue, or, if there is swelling beneath the eye, it could be a reaction to the pads.

I know you dont want to hear this lol but reactions generally occur 24 hours after application, swelling of the eyelids, itchiness and sometimes bloodshot eyes.

In minor reactions you will get the above symptoms, which will last for 2/3 days then calm down until the next infill.

Its entirely your choice if you want to continue to have lashes, knowing that the reaction is likely to get worse and worse.

Unfortunately clients can have lashes on for months or years with no reaction then all of a sudden they react. Usually its a gradual process that the client is unaware of, slight itchiness, slight swelling, nothing that is obvious, then full blown reaction.

The only thing that will relieve this is to stop having lashes Even if you have a break, the likelihood is that you will still react. xx.

Obviously this is purely based on what you have told us and until someone could look at your eyes properly it is only a personal view x.