The Strangest Stories OnlineRipley s Weird News

The Strangest Stories OnlineRipley s Weird NewsThe Strangest Stories Online Ripley’s Weird News.

Anne Boleyn’s Decapitation Conversation.

Some eyewitnesses reported that Anne’s lips continued to move for several seconds after her beheading. Did she remain conscious? Is that even possible?

Toilet Paper Cake Saves Bakery.

While many small businesses may have a hard time keeping their doors open at this time, this Finland bakery seems to have found the key to success.

Did Sputnik Really Catch America Off-Guard?

Sure, everyday Americans were surprised, but the upper strata of government? Not so much.

10 Questions For The Man Who Lives In A Plane.

“My philosophy is: Don’t get trapped.”

The Larger Than Life Park Of Past Presidents.

Just outside Williamsburg, Virginia, rest forty-three nearly 20-foot-tall concrete busts of former American presidents.

Inside The World Of Doomsday Preppers – Ripley’s Notcast Ep. 37.

Pandemics are just one of many disasters preppers have readied themselves for.

Salamanders Can Regrow Limbs. Why Can’t We?

If humans ever want to grow back our amputated limbs, we have to understand these strange animals first.

Cracking The Classic Egg Dance.

Fair warning: most of us wouldn’t want to attempt this joyous romp while wearing our Sunday best.

The Most Expensive Cup Of Coffee Is Made With Cat Poop.

A cup of civet cat coffee in the US can go for up to $90.

Easter Bunny And Tooth Fairy Are Essential Workers.

The mythical figures will be allowed to work during stay at home orders.

Is Space Really a Zero-Gravity Environment?

The term “zero-gravity” proves misleading when it comes to freefalling through space.

The Apollo 14 Moon Trees That Traversed The Galaxy.

In 1971, hundreds of tree seeds orbited the moon aboard Apollo 14!

The Daredevil Magician: Harry Houdini.

A firm spent five years making a pair of handcuffs to hold Houdini, but he escaped in minutes.

The Hallucinatory Voices That Saved A Woman’s Life.

A.B. had been reading one night when she heard a voice in her mind, entirely unlike her own.


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