These are the eyelash growth serums that actually work

These are the eyelash growth serums that actually workThese are the eyelash growth serums that actually work.

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You’ll have no doubt heard about those RevitaLash and RapidLash eyelash serums – but do they really work? And how about that DIY castor oil hack? We review them all.

Just a few years ago, nothing would have prompted more panic than forgetting to pack your mascara in your travel make-up bag. It was a non-negotiable – as much of a staple as a pair of jeans or a good moisturiser. Fast forward to now and it seems we’ve fallen a little bit out of love with the stuff.

Last year, Google searches for ‘mascara’ dropped while growth in the mascara category is expected to slow to 2% by 2021 (from 4% in recent years), according to market research agency Euromonitor. It’s perhaps unsurprising when brands like Fenty Beauty and Anastasia Beverly Hills don’t offer even one mascara within their 200-odd product repertoires.

But if we’re not amping up our lashes with mascara, what are we doing? A full, long and defined flutter is universally flattering and capable of making the most fatigued of eyes look well-rested.

The popularity of semi-permanent lash extensions is sky rocketing but industry stats suggest we’re also taking a ‘my lashes but better’ approach. There’s a new demand for lash-lifting treatments and growth-enhancing serums that merely boost what nature gave us – Pinterest searches for ‘natural lash lift’ are up a staggering 52%.

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In-salon lash lifts (Nouveau Lashes’ LVL is the most popular) work by straightening natural lashes at the very root which, alongside a tint, gives the illusion of extra length and volume. They won’t damage lashes and don’t require any upkeep, unlike extensions. The results (above) can be pretty phenomenal.

Lash growth serums, on the other hand, are designed to be applied daily, using ingredients that actively stimulate growth.

Then there are lash conditioning serums – formulas that work more like hair conditioners. They won’t necessarily lengthen lashes but help to keep things healthy, preventing brittleness and breakage which in turn can encourage them to become thicker and longer.

Dermatologist Justine Hextall advises looking out for the same hydrating ingredients you’d find in good skincare. “Hyaluronic acid and glycerine are humectants that hydrate skin and lashes by attracting and holding on to water,” she explains. “Biotin is important for healthy keratin to strengthen lashes, and plays a role in the growth of thicker hair. And vitamins B5 and B6 also promote healthy hair because your body uses these nutrients to nourish your hair follicles,” Hextall adds.

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And as for cheap DIY hacks – while there’s limited clinical evidence to back these up, Stylist’s junior beauty writer Ava Welsing-Kitcher reported a visible difference having used one home-made blend for a month. Clean out a clear mascara tube then mix three parts castor oil to one part coconut oil. Use the clean wand to apply the mixture to your brows and lashes each night.

Prefer a formula boasting cutting-edge technology and proven ingredients? We’ve rounded up the best lash-boosting products on the market.

The key to making them work? Be patient (our lashes have a cycle of up to 90 days so you may not see full results until then) and be consistent (no skipping days!). Before applying, make sure your lash-line is free from oily make-up removers or cleanser residue that could create a barrier.

10 of the best lash growth serums and lash conditioning serums.

Best for ultimate length.

RevitaLash Cosmetics RevitaLash Advanced.

Loved by beauty industry experts, Meghan Markle and even one of our contributors (read the detailed review here), RevitaLash is considered the gold standard in lash growth serums. Commit to just one speedy swipe each night and you’ll see a visible difference in two to three weeks. It works by slightly slowing your lashes’ growth cycle so, while they’re still fall out eventually as is required for healthy eyes, they’ll stay put that little bit longer – allowing them to reach extra lengths.

Masterminded 11 years ago by a doctor who wanted to help his wife suffering from lash loss after cancer, the company is still family-run and dedicates substantial time and funds towards breast cancer research and awareness.

Best mid-priced lash growth serum.

RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum.

This is another industry favourite. Again, it harnesses proven, growth-stimulating ingredients although they’re slightly different to RevitaLash and testers have found the results to be a little less dramatic. Still, you’ll get a marked increase in length and thickness that’ll be noticeable, not just by you, but others, too.

Best affordable lash serum.

Gosh Eyelash Growth Serum.

As drugstore formulas go, this is a smart pick. While some testers took a month or so to observe an effect, others reported a significant difference in just a fortnight. Stubby or wimpy lashes had a boost on both the length and fullness fronts. A good place to start if you’re just after a helping hand or have hit the extensions too hard.

Best for use before mascara.

L’Oreal Paris Clinically Proven Lash Serum.

Most lash serums are for nightly use but this gem is to be slicked on morning and night. It’s worth the extra pre-make-up step, though. After leaving it to dry for 60 seconds, you’ll notice your mascara glides on more smoothly and lashes appear a little fuller and more defined. Over time, castor oil, vitamin b5, hyaluronic acid and Filloxane (the same ingredient found in L’Oreal Paris’ best-selling hair thickening shampoo) will get to work.

Best anti-ageing eye cream formula.

Vichy LiftActiv Supreme Eyes & Lashes Illuminating and Lifting Effect Serum.

This innovative number is truly unique in the form of a multi-tasking feather-weight lotion. Just one pump applied all over the eye zone tackles several areas – smoothing, firming and refreshing the skin while strengthening sparse lashes. Bonus: the light-reflective particles have an immediate illuminating effect.