Top 10 Best Eyelash Glue in 2020 Reviews

Top 10 Best Eyelash Glue in 2020 ReviewsTop 10 Best Eyelash Glue in 2020 Reviews.

Pro false eyelashes wearers will agree with me that what matters the most is the adhesive used not the eyelash. No matter how close to natural your falsies are, it all goes down to what sticks them to your lash line. So, how do you pick your next best eyelash glue ?

Safety first- Beware of carcinogens.

These are compounds known to cause cancer with regular use. To avoid this risk, always go for items with no parabens and sulfates in their ingredients. A deeper research on these harmful compounds won’t hurt.

Fumes and odors.

Excessive fumes and foul odors are the most obvious dealbreakers when the topic is about eyelash adhesives. Excessive fumes cause a lot of tears making them unbearable. While it’s hard to find products with zero fumes, our list has some with incredibly reduced fumes.

Drying time.

Depending on how good you are in these beauty accessories, go for a product that allows you enough time to position the lash in place before drying out. While some dry in 2 seconds, others take up to a minute. Notably, some cheaply-made adhesives may take forever.


It’s important to go for an adhesive that dries clear or to a color that blends perfectly with your skin or other makeup. An adhesive that leaves a residue that crashes with your makeup only makes you look unknowledgeable.

10. Nikkilash Badass Eyelash Extension Adhesive.

By: NIKKILASH Item Weight: N/A Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches.

Amongst our top choices in this selection is this product from San Francisco, California. This adhesive has been professionally designed to offer quality performance while preventing you from irritation and tears since it has unnoticeable levels of fumes and odors. Again, it’s safe for use on ultra-sensitive skin.

If you’re seeking for an adhesive to hold up your falsies in place for close to 2 weeks, you need to try this out. This glue dries in utmost 10 seconds and bonds for at least 14 days. This makes it ideal for commercial use and especially for clients with sensitive skin.

It doesn’t cause irritation. It bonds for at least 14 days. It dries in utmost 10 seconds.

Beginners may require a hand when using it.

9. Sky Glue Eyelash Extension Adhesive.

By: SKY glue Item Weight: 0.3 ounces Product Dimensions: 3 x 2.4 x 0.8 inches.

With the ability to hold your false eyelashes in place for up to 7 weeks, Sky Glue is doubtlessly one of the strongest adhesives that our ladies can get today. With this bonding strength, you’ll always get the best value out of your purchased lashes.

However, it’s important to note that this adhesive dries supersonically fast at between 1-2 seconds. Let’s all agree that this is quite a short time to for a beginner to have the eyelash perfectly in place. As such, the manufacturer recommends it for professional use only. Again, if not professionally applied, it may leave ugly marks after drying. It’s glossy black in color. Consequently, it blends well with black and brown eyelashes.

Has speedy drying time. Works well in both low and high humidity areas. Each bottle takes you a long way.

It’s quite pricey at over 35 dollars.

8. Marvel Eyelash Extension Glue.

By: Revelation Item Weight: N/A Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 0.5 x 2 inches.

All false eyelashes fanatics have one thing in common; they are all hunting for an adhesive with almost zero fumes and irritation-free. Well, it’s always a bit hard to find a product with no fumes at all. However, Revelation seems to have worked hard on that. Though their adhesive isn’t 100% fumes-free, it scores highly in comparison to other brands. In fact, most of its past reviewers confirm that it causes no tears or burning effect.