Top 40 Doctor insights on: Eyelash Growth Serum

Top 40 Doctor insights on: Eyelash Growth SerumEyelash Growth Serum That Works.

Latisse (bimatoprost): Latisse (bimatoprost) is a prescription solution that you apply with an applicator to the base of your upper eyelid lashes. This works the best of all products . Read more.

Serum (Definition)

Serum is the component of blood that does not contain cells or clotting factors. It does contain electrolytes an proteins among its components. . Read more.

Latisse (bimatoprost): Latisse (bimatoprost) is fda approved to help eyelashes grow thicker, longer, and darker. It works very well and is very safe with minimal side effects for most. It is considered strictly cosmetic and not covered by insurance. Discuss the pros and cons with an ophthalmologist. . Read more.

Latisse (bimatoprost): Latisse (bimatoprost) is a prescription serum that is effective in lengthening, thickening, and darkening the eyelashes. It is the best proven way to get longer eyelashes. . Read more.

Unknown: I am not aware of any studies of the safety of Latisse (bimatoprost) while breast feeding. To be on the safe side, i would suggest waiting on the Latisse (bimatoprost) until you are finished breast feeding. . Read more.

Some side effects: The manufacturer reminds people to apply the product to the eyelashes and not to get the applicator or product in the eye itself. It mentions side effects of skin redness, headache, and eyelid twitching, and in some cases the eyelashes will dry up and fall out if the product is used too long. It supposedly contains a prostaglandin similar to that found in latisse (bimatoprost) – the only FDA approved product. . Read more.

Probably safe: As a rule those product that are applied to the outside body surfaces are not absorbed in sufficient quantity to be a problem for the breast fed child. I find no specific listing of the product for this issue. Of the multiple ingredients, only licorice is a problem & then only if ingested. . Read more.

No: No avoid all unnecessary Medications when pregnant most medications can affect a fetus . Read more.

Swelling?: Is it on soft spot? Has imaging studies ( head ultra sound or skull x-ray) done? Is it new or was she born with it? What does it feel like? ( sort or bony hard) does it bother her? Is it tender? I’m afraid, without knowing the answer to all these questions, it’s hard to make a judgement call as to what tests to order. . Read more.

Possible “fibroid”: Your uterus may have a benign tumor which is usually referred to as fibroid or promotional. Have it checked out . Read more.

Somatizing?: This is classic. I strongly suspect you are in a difficult life situation and this itself is causing your symptoms. This is the commonest single thing that we see in clinical medicine. The normal sensations of a living body are registering as sickness. If I’m wrong, forgive me — but these testes would pick up anything serious. I’d urge you to hit the gym hard & build quality friendships. . Read more.

Latisse (bimatoprost): Latisse (bimatoprost) is a prescription serum that is effective in lengthening, thickening, and darkening the eyelashes. It is the best proven way to get longer eyelashes. . Read more.

Yes: Good nutrition and avoidance of eyelash pulling/ rubbing can improve lash appearance. Many other aspects are genetic and/or age- related. . Read more.

Oral and topical: Good protein diet and topical serums moisturizer to prevent breakage. . Read more.

Not a concern: I don’t believe I’ve heard that swimming damages or affects the growth of eyelashes or eyebrows. The chlorine in the water can certainly affect the color of hair though. A good swimmers shampoo can help rid the scalp hair of the excessive accumulation of chlorine in hair, but I wouldn’t use it on your eyelashes. . Read more.

Latisse (bimatoprost): Latisse (bimatoprost) and revitalash have worked well for my patients. . Read more.

Latisse (bimatoprost): Latisse (bimatoprost) is a prescription serum that is effective in lengthening, thickening, and darkening the eyelashes. It is the best proven way to get longer eyelashes. . Read more.

See below: The dose of latisse or its generic bimatoprost is one drop on an applicator at the base of the eyelashes on the upper eyelid once daily. It does work, but takes about 2 months . Read more.

Yes: You won’t do yourself any harm. However, the stimulant may make your lashes grow irregularly(some longer than others) and at an angle. . Read more.

No effect: If the mascara is not contaminated or counterfeit, then it should have no effect on eyelash growth. Millions of women use mascara without ill effects . If you are having stunted eyelash growth, then have your dermatologist or ophthalmologist determine the cause. . Read more.

No equivalent: at this time.

Eyelashes: Growing up my grand mother did this to my eyelashes. They never grew till i used Lumigan for treating. High intra icular pressures! . Read more.

See a dermatologist: Thinning eyebrows and eyelashes can be a sign of internal disease. I would seek the help of an experienced dermatologist to seek out a cause which will guide treatment. Some possible causes include thyroid disease and autoimmune hair loss (alopecia areata). There is a prescription medicine that can help grow eyelashes and possibly eyebrow. It is called “Latisse”. Your dermatologist can provide . Read more.

Latisse (bimatoprost): I would suggest to stop using latisse (bimatoprost) as it is not working for you. With your history of seborrheic dermatitis, I would see a dermatologist for further instructions. 🙂 . Read more.

Latisse (bimatoprost): Hi, they used to have the same active ingredient but now Revitalash formulation has changed and it is not as effective as Latisse, (bimatoprost) . Read more.

Neither: are helpful. Latisse (bimatoprost) works well. It is available from many types of physicians by prescription. . Read more.

Neither: Certain oils or petroleum ointment applied to base of lashes will smother the microscopic mites called demodex which live in the hair follicles. Overgrowth of demodex can cause lashes to fall out prematurely. The only fda approved way to stimulate eyelash growth is to use a prescription medication called bimatoprost (latisse) or similar medications available as eyedrops for glaucoma treatment. . Read more.

Read the side effect: Profile of each before deciding whether you want to use an anti glaucoma drops to have longer lashes that could possibly change the color of your irises darker permanently. I would say neither! When you stop using it, it no longer works. Why put yourself at risk? There may be some more natural, organic alternative solution that is less medical a problem, and more plant based, and safer. . Read more.