What; s the difference between Heroine Make; s Volume; Curl and Long; Curl Mascara? Which is better?

What; s the difference between Heroine Make; s Volume; Curl and Long; Curl Mascara? Which is better?What’s the difference between Heroine Make’s Volume & Curl and Long & Curl Mascara? Which is better?

Hey all! I’m almost out of my present mascara, Rimmel Volume Flash Mousse Mascara and I’ve noticed it smudges and flakes, giving me panda eyes about 3-4 hours after application. I was recommended Heroine Make’s Volume & Curl Mascara for an awesome mascara that is blackest black, curls and volumises and doesn’t budge.

Anyway, I digress. if there is a difference between them both, what is it? Which is better? I know one product formula might be amazing whilst the other sucks holy balls so I wanted to avoid wasting money – thank you! 😀 Going to bed now so shall check answers in the morning 11 comments.

I own the Long and Curl but to my knowledge Volume and Curl is a great mascara too. Of course, you choose which one you prefer, length or volume. I’d say the curling refers to the fact that it can hold a curl SUPER, SUPER well. It’s insane how well it holds. It can definitely hold the whole day.

The L&C is a very natural looking mascara. I’d say it works great but there’s minimal volume so if you want super glamorous lashes, you’ll want a base underneath. I use Shiseido Nourishing Mascara base and it makes my lashes look great. But if you just want length, it’s such a good mascara.

My friend uses the V&C and she says she likes it a bunch.

the biggest flaw is definitely removing it. It’s a pain to remove. Either use an oil or buy the makeup remover that comes with it (in a thin pink tube that looks like mascara).

TL;DR: They’re both great and have awesome curling power.

Thank you so much! I have length so I think curl and volume might be enough for me. oh wait, I already said that haha XD That’s great, thank you! Yeah, I heard it was difficult to remove and I can see that as they had to make a special remover for it haha! I use olive oil to dissolve my makeup then a foaming cleanser so I think that should be alright, right?

Thank you so much! My friend said it gave her panda eyes using it (or removing it, she wasn’t very clear haha) and that’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid so I’ll read some more reviews.