Which mascara is best?

Which mascara is best?Which mascara is best?

What would you say is the best mascara for make your eyelashes look bold and long?

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benefit get bent i got that yesterday 🙂

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As Khaki_kisses suggested maybelline extreme XXL volume and length micro-fibre mascara is amazing, usually im a bit sceptical to all this two different coats type mascara as but I thought you know what i’ll give it a try (it was on offer so not too expensive) and It is so good, it gives your lashes volume without making them ‘clumpy’ and makes them look extremely long. The only reason not to use this mascara is pretty stupid actually but when i’m in a rush I really can’t be bothered with the whole two coats as it takes a bit longer than normal mascara.

Another one of my favourite mascaras is the new maybelline colossal volume express. i was attracted to the bright yellow tube it comes in and like the precious one was on offer (see a pattern emerging here) It is also a very good mascara, the brush is huge so gets all your lashes covered yet the way it is designed it does not drown them in far too much mascara like some other brands do, again a very good one for volume and length and takes less time to put on that the first one.

My third very good mascara which i recommend is Maxfactor 2000 Calorie dramatic look mascara, Very good for length and volume and if you want slightly thicker lashes without them being clumpy this is a little bit better that the maybelline one as it sort of fattens them and seperates them. The only think a bit offputting about this mascara is its scent, its not unpleasant it’s just ver peculiar, almost like a cross between nail varnish remover and playdough.

I don’t think you would be disappointed if you purchased any of these products as they are all very good, I know you only asked for the names of the best mascara’s but personally if I asked the question i’d like to know why the mascaras were ‘so good’ so thats what I included.

I’ll also throw in some mascaras which i warn you away from, rimmel sexy curves, it looks good but just doesn’t give enough volume and length in my opinion, i bet it is perfect for people who allready have long eyelashes as it will only enhance that but it didn’t work for me. Also Bourjois clubbing mascara, far too clumpy, if you like the clumpy look this is perfect for you, personally I can’t stand it so i wouldn’t recommend it at all.